Hina Khan Provokes Contestants and Makes Them Out from the House (Check How??)

In the Big Boss House, Hina Khan is presenting her strange image from the very first day. They work to provoke everyone, and whoever got their hand, he was out of the show. This has been illustrated in the form of Zubair Khan and Priyank Sharma.

It was Hina Khan who had provoked Zubair Khan very much, and he had mistreated others. Because of which Salman Khan had taken a good class from him. After this, in Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan had come in the provocation and she left her in the sky. That way they were out of the house. But as a wild card entry, they have returned home.

Now once again Hina Khan has started showing her old habits. Now the members of the house are openly telling Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma to be their disciples. In the episode yesterday, Priyank Sharma, when Arshi Khan began to talk about negative and out-of-the-box, all the members of the house protested against him.

But alone, Hina Khan saw her speaking, “You have done your job. Now keep quiet. “

Not only this, when Benafsha and Akash Dadlani were talking alone, at that time as soon as they came to know that they are talking alone, they have got screwed like their partners with such a team and they do anything Will give They later said that we came like grandfathers came here.

Indeed, there is a lot of negative image of Hina Khan in the house. He has created a group of celebs and tries to lead the members of that group. Those who do not listen to them, they become their enemies.

Not only that, there is a huge ruckus in the Big Boss house, and its sponsor is also going to be largely Hina Khan. The specialty of Hina Khan has been to slander everyone and to misbehave with others in the process of proving herself to be the best. The special thing is that he does not like Comrade at all. Whose glance meets their behavior

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