Bigg Boss 11 : Who is Gehana Vasisth exposes Bigg Boss 11 contestants

Bigg Boss 11 : who is Gehana Vasisth exposes Bigg Boss 11 contestants Most of people keep requesting and asking who is Gehna Vasisth as she is the women from the Arshi Khan home town Bhopal who started with the Arshi Khan Controversy and now she says she have Arshi Khan Sexual Mms video which she can expose.

Gehna Vasisth hot image
Gehna Vasisth hot image

First expose of Gehna Vasisth exposes Arshi Khan that She is faking her identity and age as well as education as they both belong to same place so she knows that her is is quite more then she shows and her educational background is quite low then she shows and also questioned the show that hosting such as big platform and got no serious record of the contestants.

Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan

Gehana Vasisth exposes Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta sexual relationship where she says that when they use to be a co-worker Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta share sexual relationship but their rerelationship didn’t last long and Vikas Gupta choose his carrier more then the relationship and this was the reason of Shilpa exit from the show and this is reason of Vikas and Shilpa fights in the house as Shilpa is still upset from him.

Most people ask who is Gehana Vasisth, as she has not any personal problem with any one but people says that she has no serious problems with any of the housemates but the main problem of her is that problem looks like Arshi Khan entered such a big platform like big boss 11 and she is not able to digest her fame and the other reason can be that for the sake of fame and become a known face in the world.

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