Bigg Boss 11 double Eliminations: Mehjabi Siddiqui And Sabyasachi Satyapathi

Want to know who get eliminated on Sunday 13th November on Bigg BOSS 11 read the following : another weekend show means the combo of Salman Khan class of housemates, weekend ka vaar and sad reality of bigg boss elimination on Sunday and it was the name of Mehjabi Siddiqui And Sabyasachi Satyapathi who fall victim of this week double Eliminations and got eliminated this week as their journey in the house is over and there are no wild card entry so their time in the house is over.

Bigg Boss 11 elimination on Sunday know who get eliminated this sunday

Bigg Boss 11 elimination on Sunday know who get eliminated this sunday as it seems like bigg boss 11 is gearing up to its end wits surprise elimination on Bigg Boss and double Eliminations on Bigg Boss 11 because of which these two bellow house mates have to leave the house and their days inside the house and battlee to win the title is end and those two are:
Mehjabi Siddiqui
Sabyasachi Satyapathi

They both are use to be a padosis house mates with extra power in the hand but because 1 low performance in one of task they had to leave the show padosis villa and become common contestants.
They both came inside the house as a commoner and own they are gone looks like the side of commoner is geeting week and clebs this year are performing good and their run toward the title is stronger then the commoners so lets she who will win bigg boss 11 but the thing is that it will not be the name of Bigg Boss 11 Eliminated contestants Mehjabi Siddiqui And Sabyasachi Satyapathi.
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