Sapna Choudhary Wild Card Entry In Bigg Boss 11 (Latest News of Bigg Boss 11)

If you are a fan of ‘Big Boss’ then you would have known well that in these days the participants are only planning in front of each other in the show. Everyone seems to be doing evil behind each other.

Just think, in such an environment if there is a lot of people who have already said a lot about certain contests, what will happen then? It can only be used for an idea. However, to understand the whole case, read this Story. And of course, do not choke.

So, guys, The Contestant is Coming In Bigg Boss 11 wildcard entry is a Sapna Choudhary. Yes, you heard right that contestant is Sapna Choudhary.

Sapna Choudhary Wild Card Entry

Sapna Choudhary Wild Card Entry

Sapna Choudhary Wild Card Entry In Bigg Boss 11 House

The fans of Sapna Chaudhary were disappointed when Salman Khan made him out of Big Boss’s house. The audience felt Priyank Sharma would be out this week. Because from Hina Khan & Sapna only the Priyank seemed to be the weakest contents. But suddenly the Sapna was dismissed out of the show.

The Sapna was being nominated for 7 consecutive weeks and finally this time it was shown outside way. These bets of Big Boss did not understand anything. That’s why we are going to give you some proof in which it will prove that the Sapna can return to home again. Yes, there can be wild card entry of Sapna Choudhary in BB11 house.

Proofs Showed By Sapna Choudhary

The first proof in this is that this week, Sapta Chaudhary got more than one lakh votes. While the votes of the rest of the contests were less than the Sapna. Then how did they get carried out? Salman said that the Sapna was to get the least votes. Salman said this the biggest lie on the show. This shows that the makers who do so will not let the contestants get so many votes.

Apart from this, when Sapna Choudhary came out of the house, he made several disclosures in an interview. When the Sapna was asked here whether he saw the episode of Big Boss. On this, the Sapna said, ‘Look, then when these people give back my mobile. So far the mobile has not returned. ‘ This also proves that the Sapna can be returned to the house again. So they are still kept in Khandala and no luggage was returned.

Apart from this, a contestant is kept in the Secret Room at home every season. After the end of the half season, no content has yet been reached in the Secret Room. That’s why the fans of Sapna Choudhary are absolutely hopeful that they will be wild card entry in a similar way. The fans of the Sapna on social media have confirmed this fact.

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