Luv Is Upset from Hina Khan’s Double-Minded Game | Check Why???

Hina Khan is the captain of the 13th week in Big Boss. As you know, that Bigg Boss had given a Captain Task to Hina Khan, Priyanka Sharma, Luv Tyagi, and Shilpa Shinde.

Hina Khan 13th week's Captain

Hina Khan 13th week’s Captain


Other three contestants Priyanka Sharma, Luv Tyagi, and Shilpa Shinde choose Hina Khan as the new Captain of the house with mutual consent. During the Captain’s task, Hina Khan had spoken such things, now her best friends also leave with them.

In fact, during all the donors, to stand in a photo frame during the towns and the other claimant was to refuse to leave the frame. The rest of the house Could have done anything to mobilize

During the task, Akash Dadlani and Puneesh Sharma assisted Shilpa while pouring oil under the feet of all the claimants, Arshi Khan supported Priyanka and cleared the fallen oil.

Akash & Puneesh Rubing Oil

Akash & Puneesh Rubbing Oil

Even after a considerable time had passed, when no claimant came down from the frame, Bigg Boss challenged the householders and said that in 2 hours if the task does not win, then the task will be canceled.

In this case, the four contenders started talking about making themselves, captains. All the people had to say that Priyank Sharma and Shilpa Shinde have not been captains, they should get a chance. At the same time, Hina had said that this criterion is not good. I have won the claim and I will not retreat.


Priyanka, after Shilpa’s name, Hina agreed, while Luv Tyagi voted Priyank. After which Hina told Luv that you give your vote to Shilpa but she refused to do so. After which, Luv told Hina that you give Priyank to whom Hina did not give her answer correctly and said Priyank would get more opportunities.

After this, Luv told Priyank that if no one has taken Hina’s name yet, why not make her? After this, Luv and Priyank gave their vote to Hina and Shilpa agreed. But after that Hina said that, why did not you make Priyank the people who heard Priyank and Love stunned?

Even Hina asked Luv, why did not you make Priyank, Love got flashed on it. He said that if you have become happy then be happy. After that Love and Priyanka talked to each other. At the same time Love told Priyank that it was strange that one was not giving you the vote and now it is said that I am not feeling good.

Priyank said on this, though I understood late but this is the reality of Hina Khan. On which Love said that if it so happens then I will also leave with it.

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