Hina Khan Said Something Wrong, Salman Has Once Again Angry On Her Statement

In the house of Big Boss 11, Hina Khan lives in the headlines for somebody or something. Salman Khan once again appeared in Hina Khan’s episode ‘Weekend War’. Even before this, Salman has repeatedly installed Hina’s class.

Salman Has Once Again Angry On Her Statement

Salman Has Once Again Angry At Her Statement

Actually, Hina Khan is standing in a dockyard, where the Bandagi Kalra asks him questions why he keeps changing his statement every time. What is considered correct, but Hina Khan refuses to talk about that. After which Salman Khan says, ‘Hina, you always change your statement.’

Bigg Boss 11 remaining contestants

Bigg Boss 11 remaining contestants

Earlier, Big Boss 11’s Contestant Hina Khan has once again accused the show’s makers of bias. Talking to Priyank and Sapna Chaudhary, he said in gestures that the show’s makers are festering Shilpa Shinde and members of his gang. When Hina Khan was doing all these things, Salman was listening to her through ‘Me-TV’. As soon as Hina Khan completed her talk, Salman told her something that her speech was stopped.

Salman angry on Hina Khan

Salman angry on Hina Khan

Indeed, Priyank Sharma had compared Hina Khan’s with Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde’s obes y and compared them to the bull. Love was there and he explained to Priyanka not to say this but Priyanka did not stop. At the same time, Hina Khan did not stop or explained Priyank Sharma. With this issue, Salman also favored him with a fiercely fame with Priyank. As soon as Salman Khan left, Hina Khan accused the makers of the show.

Hina Khan shouted, ‘Haadh hai yaar … whatever you say in the house, why did not you explain? What have I taken the contract? When Priyanka tried to explain to him, Hina said, ‘Hey brother, this is their show. I speak you in the short … I have to run these shifts (Shilpa and team) show nothing else … Clearly It’s going to be known. ‘

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After hearing Hina’s words, Salman Khan said in clear words that there is no need for him to remain in this amusement that the show alone is hinged on him. He explained that if a person speaks such things about a woman then it is necessary to stop it there because they are on the National TV.

Salman Upset With Hina Khan

Salman Upset With Hina Khan

Salman said, ‘Look, you can compliment someone 99 times but once you do evil, then he will remember the world.’ It is noteworthy that on Salman Khan, the audience of the show has also been accused of being in favor of Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan.

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