Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan reveals he was paid for doing controvercies stunt

Zubair Khan is the first contestant to eliminated from big boss 11 house as he was the most argumentative and bas contestant of big boss 11 2017 who is again trying to catch the eyes of media by putting charges on Salman Khan that he put the mental pressure on him and because of which he tried to commit suicide and if he would not do that he would not be allowed to get out of the house so he find the easy way out and tried comiting suicide.

Let’s read what more he revel after coming out from hospital and house too in the article of Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan reveals he was paid for doing controvercies stunt below:

Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan reveals bigg boss 11 truth

ZUBAIR KHAN Controversy with Salman Khan : Zubair khan revels the dark side of the show where he said that the show which call it’s self a reality show is nothing but Bigg BOSS 11 is is scripted and fake, there is nothing reality in it as they were paid 25k to make controversy and he could have get more 25+25k for creating more controvercies and fights so why he do not do that when it gives him a easy money. ZUBAIR khan revels about bigg boss 11 that they pay you more if you fight and abuse ad there is a time other of 2-3 pm where there were no camera and you can do what ever you file like as there is a contract which says that it will not be aired but they air it and ruins the image of Zubair Khan of BIGG BOSS 11

Salman Khan and Zubair Khan controversy and latest news

As we know that on the Saturday episode of Bigg boss 11 Salman KHAN get angry on Zubair khan because he use abusive language against women’s in the house and he tried to show his image as a thug and this is what make tiger khan angry on him and he lashes him out in his own way where he said he would have beaten him like a dog if he would have got chance but he is lucky that he is on the show.

This made Zubair khan offensive too and he found his way out of house and Zubair khan file FIR on Salman Khan in lonavla police station and said that Salman KHAN movies are funded from Dawood Ibrahim and Salman fears from underworld but he is a comman man and has now fear and he will fight to regain his image back.

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