Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry Contestants for This Week {Updated}

Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card: BB11 has already started and people are going crazy because of the entertainment. But some people want to know about the Wild Card Entry of Bigg Boss 11 or the Rules for Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry contestants 2017.

We have been watching Bigg Boss for more than 10 years now and every year the concept of Bigg Boss changes. But one thing that remains the same is Wild Card Entries.

Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial and watched RelatiyTV show of India. The makers of Bigg Boss show know that people like to get fights and surprises on the show as it creates a lot of drama.

Every year Bigg Boss tries to bring more and more drama and the best thing they have found is Bigg Boss Wild Card entries.

For last years Bigg Boss India has tried a new concept where they bring Commoners and Celebrities in one home. And this year they have brought a new twist by adding Padosi in the house.

So with all these twists and turn Bigg Boss 11 becomes very interesting for the audience and to add more fun, Wild Card Entry contestants come in the house.

What is Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry?

Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry

Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card EntryBigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry

According to Bigg Boss season 11, 18 contestants joined the house on 1st October 2017 and they have to live in the house for next 3 months.

These contestants have to manipulate/compete with each other and the last man standing wins the show. Meanwhile, in these 3 months, the housemates do not get any information from the outside world because there are no TV connection, Mobiles or internet.

Now, the twist is the Wildcard entries will also join the show. These entries could be a new contestant or a comeback.

As per the previous seasons, the WIldcard entries get various advantages like using Garden, Swimming pool, extra food and much more.

This is how the show becomes much more entertaining for the audience. Mostly, With Wild Card entry the shoe becomes more fun to watch as it generally results in more fights among the housemates.

Who will be the Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Contestants?

If you are thinking that who will be the Wild Card Entry of Bigg Boss 2017, then you will be shocked for sure.

The wild card entry is always someone really very interesting and crazy person who will rock the house. Every year, a new person or an eliminated person joins the Bigg boss house. This joining mostly results in a fight and entertainment.

Moreover, the wild card entry for Bigg Boss 2017 will take place in the mid of 3 months i.e. in Mid-November.

Bigg Boss 11 wild card contestants entry List:

Wild Card Entry 1Priyank Sharma
Wild Card Entry 2Updated Soon
Wild Card Entry 3Updated Soon
Wild Card Entry 4Updated Soon

When is Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Entry Auditions?

If you are the one who was willing to go to Bigg Boss house but could make it, then there is one more chance for you.

Auditions of Bigg Boss Wild Card Entry takes place separately, hence there is a good chance for a commoner to get selected. Even after watching Bigg Boss, you want to join the show then these will card auditions are the best for you.

Update: Wild Card Entry Contestant Auditions has been closed for this season.

How To Vote for Wild Card Entry Contestants?

Voting process of the Wild Card Entry contestants will be same as the regular contestants. You can vote them through 3 ways:

  1. Using Voot Mobile App
  2. On Colors Website
  3. With SMS

Just go ahead to Bigg Boss 11 Voting Process to get all details of voting.

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