Bigg boss 11 nomination 2nd week list of nominated contestants this week

Bigg Boss 11 nomination 2nd week : as we know that every Monday there is a quite different scanario in the house because Monday is a nomination week where all housmembers following the traditional rule of elimination and Bigg Boss 11 nomination on Monday nominate the desired contestants whom they want to see out of the house and in order to do contestants of bigg boss 11 nomination on Monday have to sit in a dinning hall were they get to talk to the boss and they take the name of their fellow house member with the reason that why he/she has taken his/her name and then then they have to put a colour on their face this is how nomination in bigg boss 11 Monday take place.

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Week Nominated Contestants List

2nd Week Nominated Contestants List : as we have all ready told you that there will be a predicted name coming this week after all those fights that we have seen in the show mean while there is no Priyank Sharma in the house but there are the rumors that Priyank Sharma will make a surprise entry in the house for which we have to wait now let’s talk about the name of 2nd Week Nominated Contestants List which are as follows:
Sshivani Durga
Vikas Gupta
Hina Khan
Jyoti Kumari
Sapna Choudhary

Bigg Boss 11 week 2 nomination contestants

Bigg Boss 11 week 2 nomination contestants : as we have seen a hell of a drama last week and the rivals and friend of the house are now near of the nation so before the Bigg Boss 11 week 2 nomination contestants we knows that Who will take whose name and the scene happens as per predicted and the contestants targeted their predetermined house members in Bigg Boss 11 week 2 nomination contestants and send him of her on their fortune to get eliminated.

bigg Boss 11 nomination week 2

BB11 2nd Week Nominated Contestants List is very predictable as the house members have predetermined target this week because we all know that Vikas will take Shilpa’s name and Shilpa will take Vikas name and Akash too will take Vikas name because of all those recent combat we have witnessed these all weeks so this week BB11 2nd Week Nominated Contestants List is as follows Hina Khan, Jyoti Kumari, Sapna Choudhary, Sshivani Durga, Vikas Gupta and rest of else are safe now it on you whom do want to save.

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