Bigg Boss 11 all fights and controvercy

Bigg Boss 11 is India most controversial show including physical and verbal fights both and season per season the craze is taking hype.

Vikas and Shilpa fight
Vikas and Shilpa fight

Last year controversial show Bigg Boss show has completed decade on Indian television and now they come up again with a new theme, action and drama so lets know some biggest Bigg Boss 11 all fights and controvercy in a below article:

ALL Bigg Boss 11 fights and controvercy

Bigg Boss 11 fights give more and more top to the show, one can say the more the fight the more the TRP and at a time TRP of Bigg boss 11 is 29 which is highest so lets read the reason behind TRP of Bigg Boss 11 fights
First it started with Zubair Khan who was the notorious in the house and said to came with the fake identity of Son-in-law of Haseena Parker sister of Dawood Ibrahim but later on it was clear that he is using fake identity and Salman Khan take a jibe on him because of this and because of fights with the girls and calling them the inappropriate word sue to which Salman Khan get angry on him and shouted at him angry nutter which he committed suicide and after coming out from hospital he lodged fir against Salman Khan

Second bigg Boss 11 fight and controvercy took place after the fight of Vikas and Aakash which become brutal and became physical after Priyank Sharma beaten Aakash and then Salman KHAN asked him to leave the house.

Third bigg boss 11 fight and controvercy took place when Vikas Gupta found back door open and ran away but later on he is back and become captain after serving his punishment in jail.

Fourth bigg BOSS 11 controversy and fight take place with the controvercies queen Arshi KHAN controvercy where she was accused of using fake name, age and educational background by her town mate mysterious girl.


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